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How to Bid

Auction Rules :

  • Each shell starts out as $1 + the increment bid. So if the increment bid is $5 then the first bid will have to be a minimum of $6.
  • You must be a registered member and be approved for bidding by the Topseashells team to be able to partake in the auctions
  • Please keep in mind that each and every bid you make is a contract to buy the shell, place a bid only if you are serious about buying the shell. Bids are final and cannot be withdrawn.
  • When you are the highest bidder by the end of the particular shell auction you will be awarded the right to purchase the shell.
  • You will be informed by email if you are the auction winner. Payment and Shipment details will be included in the said email.
  • The shell will be sent once payment is received.
  • All bidding times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), for your convenience there is a �Time Remaining� field wherein the number of days/hours/minutes left are shown.
  • Non-payers will not be able to participate in any more bids.
  • No discounts will be given in auctions.

Max-bid Feature:

  • When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay for the item. Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders.
  • The system compares your bid to those of the other bidders .
  • The system places bids on your behalf, incrementing your bid (depending on the shell's bid increment) as is necessary to maintain your high bid position. The system will bid up to your maximum amount .
  • If another bidder has a higher maximum, you'll be outbid. BUT, if no other bidder has a higher maximum, you win the item. And you could pay significantly less than your maximum price!
  • This was implemented so you wouldn't have to keep coming back every time a bid is placed.
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